How to Shorten Affiliate Links (Your 5 Best URL Shorteners)

Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Success with URL Shortner

Why I Should Shorten My Affiliate Links?

Shortening affiliate links is a useful strategy, especially when you’re dealing with long URLs full of complex details. Here’s why it’s beneficial:

Short Links:

Generally, affiliate links are long because they contain a lot of technical details. This can be a problem on social media or blogs where there is a limit to how many characters you can use. Short links help avoid this problem.

Looks more trustworthy:

Long URLs with lots of random characters can look suspicious, almost like scam links. This can prevent people from clicking on them. A short link that includes the brand name looks safer and more reliable.

An example of a long affiliate link in Flashylink:

  • Full-length affiliate link

Now, you can shorten these links right in your Flashylink account without the need for other services.

Benefits of Short Affiliate Links using Flashylink

  • Simple and clean: A short link doesn’t contain unnecessary details.
  • Easy to share: Short enough to easily fit into social media or blog posts without exceeding character limits.
  • More Trust: If a link includes a well-known brand, people are more likely to trust it and click on it.

You can create these short links directly to your Flashylink account using a tool found under the “Tools” section of the affiliate program you are using. This speeds up the process and keeps everything in one place.

Best Affiliate Link Shorteners (Free + Paid)


Flashylink is a great tool for managing affiliate links. It does much more than just shorten links!

When you use Flashylink, you get a lot of useful features. It works well with Google Analytics events, can automatically add links to keywords, provide geo-location for links, automatically check for broken links, and smartly link to make sure you comply with your affiliate program rules. can unlock. is

If you are spending a lot of time managing a lot of affiliate links, Flashylink can really help simplify things.

Key Features:

  • Link shortening and destination cloaking
  • Automatic keyword linking
  • Geographic redirects
  • Advanced redirects


  • Free


Bitly is a tool that helps you organize all your affiliate links in one place, making them easy to manage. This saves you time and can help you earn more money.

A great feature of Bitly is “Link-in-Bio”, which lets you create custom links for your social media profiles.

However, Bitly has several different pricing plans, and each has its own set of features. It is important to compare these plans carefully to know what you are getting.

Key Features:

  • Short links
  • Link redirects
  • QR codes
  • Link-in-bio


  • Free: Basic functionality with strict limits
  • Starter: From $8 a month
  • Basic: From $29 a month
  • Premium: From $199 a month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Rebrandly is another top choice for managing links. It allows you to create, track, and share short links using your own domain name. It’s more than just a simple link shortener; It comes with many tools to help you handle your links effectively.

Rebrandly’s features include the ability to change where your links go, create custom short links, generate QR codes, track link clicks, and more. It also provides tools to ensure your links look professional, which can make them more trustworthy.

Key Features:

  • Custom-branded short links
  • Link management and analytics
  • Traffic routing and SEO-friendly 301 redirects
  • Domain name management with SSL support
  • Collaboration tools for team management


  • Free: Basic functionality with 1 domain name
  • Lite: From $12 a month
  • Essentials: From $28 a month
  • Professional: From $85 a month


TinyCC is a simple link shortener that is easy to use, making it popular among small businesses and individual marketers. It allows you to create short links, track them, and see how effective they are.

TinyCC also offers analytics to help you see how well your marketing is doing, which can help you spend your ad dollars more wisely and get better returns.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use link shortening and management
  • Custom domains and branded short links
  • Click statistics tracking without an account
  • Quick edits and efficient link management


  • Basic: From $5/month
  • Recommended: From $25/month
  • Business: From $44/month
  • Enterprise: Flexible pricing for custom features and volume limits

➨Pretty Links

Pretty Links is more than just a link shortener. It offers many ways to shorten and organize your links and can even automate where your affiliate links are placed.

Your affiliate links may be spread across your blog, social media, or podcast, which can be a lot to handle. Pretty Links makes this easy by giving you one place to manage everything related to your affiliate links.

Pretty Links includes many features that can fill an entire article, making it a top choice for managing affiliate links effectively.

Key Features:

  • Auto-create pretty links
  • Auto link keywords
  • Advanced redirects


  • Beginner: From $99.50 a year
  • Marketer: From $149.50 a year
  • Super-Affiliate: From $199.50 a year

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FAQ: Choosing the Best Affiliate Link Shortener

Q1. Are custom-branded links better than generic short links?

Yes, custom-branded links are better because they include your brand name or custom domain which makes your links more trustworthy and professional. This often leads to more clicks compared to normal short links.

Q2. Why Should I Use Affiliate Link Shortener?

Affiliate link shorteners make your links shorter and neater, which can help more people click on them. They also protect your links from manipulation and let you keep track of how many clicks each link gets. This helps you see which strategies work best and can lead to higher earnings.

Q3. How do I choose the right affiliate link shortener for me?

To find the best link shortener for your needs, look at what features each one offers, how easy it is to use, how much it costs, and whether it works well with the marketing tools you already use.

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