Pinterest URL Shortener

Pinterest URL Shortener

Track and Share Pinterest Shortened Links With Our Pinterest URL Shortener

Pinterest is like a visual search engine. Think of searching on Google, but instead of text results, you see images for each site.

Pinterest is becoming very popular with internet users. Most users are women, but about 30% are men. At first, Pinterest may seem like it’s not useful for promoting a brand, but it’s actually quite powerful.

What Is Pinterest URL Shortener?

Pinterest URL Shortener is a tool that shortens long web addresses (URLs). This makes them easy to share and remember. Here’s why it’s useful and how you can use it:

Benefits of Using Pinterest URL Shortener:

Short Links: Long URLs can look messy. Shorter URLs are neater and fit better in posts.

Track Clicks: Many URL shorteners show how many people click your link, where they’re from, and other useful details.

Customizable: You can sometimes choose what the shortened URL looks like, making it easier to remember.

Prevent Broken Links: Long URLs can sometimes break when shared. Short URLs usually don’t have this problem.

Easy Sharing: Short URLs are easy to share on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Popular Pinterest URL Shorteners:

  • Flashylink: Offers detailed tracking and customization.
  • Bitly: Simple and easy to use.
  • Rebrandly: Allows you to create branded short links.

How to Use Link Shortener for Pinterest:

  1. Copy the original Pinterest link (for a board, pin, or profile).
  2. Paste this link into the URL shortener website.
  3. Click the button to create a shortened URL.
  4. Use this new shortened URL in your Pinterest post or wherever you want to share a link.

Using a URL shortener for Pinterest makes your links look better and helps you track how people are interacting with your content.


1. Link Customization:

Users can customize the shortened link, giving it a personal touch that aligns with the branding or campaign theme.

2. Analytics:

Provides insight into link performance, including click-through rates, geographic location of clicks, and more.

3. Browser Extension:

Many Pinterest URL shorteners provide browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers to facilitate shortening links directly from the web browser.

4. QR Code Generation:

Allows creating QR codes from short links for easy sharing in physical and digital formats.

5. Social Media Integration:

Our Pinterest URL Shortener often integrates easily with social media platforms, making it easy to post and share links directly.

Similar Tools You May Use:

How to Use Our Pinterest URL Shortener?

  • First of all, go to your browser and search “Pinterest URL Shortener”.
  • Next, find the Flashylink website and click on
  • Simply copy the Pinterest URL you want to shorten, paste it into the input box
  • Click to shorten and your shortened URLs will be created within 1-2 seconds.
  • Finally, copy the shortened URL, and share it on your desired platform.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1. Why Use Pinterest URL Shortener?

To make sharing on Pinterest social media easier, enhance link tracking and analytics, and improve overall engagement on platforms with character limits.

Q2. Can I use affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest allows affiliate links. You can add these links to your pin, which will then direct your audience to landing pages, sign-up pages, or merchant websites. This is a great way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Q3. Can I Use Flashylink Links on Pinterest?

Yes, you can use Flashylink Link-in-bio in your Pinterest profile. Just like on TikTok, you can only have one link in your Pinterest bio. But with Flashylink Link Shortener, you can neatly add more than one link by directing followers to a page with multiple links.

Q4. Can I Use a Link Shortener on Pinterest?

You can edit links on Pins you’ve created, but you can’t change links on Pins saved from other sources or via the browser button. It is best to link directly to the original source as Pinterest does not allow some redirects or link shorteners. This helps ensure your links work properly.