URL Rewriting Tool (Convert Dynamic URL to Static URL)

Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10

Flashylink’s URL Rewriter tool simplifies the process of turning long, complex URLs into short, easy-to-understand links. This tool quickly identifies and removes unnecessary parts from dynamic URLs, making them look clean and static. It helps improve the usability of your website and makes URLs easier for search engines to read and index.

What is URL Rewriting?

URL rewriting is a process that changes complex URLs into simpler ones. Our URL rewriting module makes this process easy and fast, which is why many website owners choose to use an automatic URL redirect generator. This tool not only saves time but also increases the visibility of the website on search engines.

What Is a Dynamic URL?

Dynamic URLs are complex and often include symbols such as +, #, and %. They change frequently and are automatically generated by the web application as users browse through the website.

What Is a Static URL?

On the other hand, static URLs are much simpler and shorter. They don’t change over time, which makes them easy to remember and bookmark. Because they stay the same, they’re better for SEO search engines like them because they’re user-friendly.

For website owners and SEO professionals, converting dynamic to static URLs is a must. It makes your site easier to navigate and improves its search engine ranking. To help with this, you can use tools like the free URL rewriting tool from RankWatch, which efficiently identifies and converts complex URLs into simple, stable ones.

How ​​to Use Flashylink’s URL Rewriter Tool:

Just follow these simple steps to optimize your URL:

Step 1 – Input the URL: Start by entering the dynamic URL you want to replace in the tool’s search bar.

Step 2 – Run the Tool: Click “Convert” to let Flashylink’s tool do its magic.

Step 3 – View Results: The tool will show you a new, shortened URL. It will also give you the code you need to update your website’s settings to use this new URL.

Important Note: Remember to copy the code provided to create or update the .htaccess file on your website. This file helps to apply the new URL settings correctly.

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Benefits of URL Rewriter Tool

Our URL rewriter tool helps change complex URLs on your website into simple ones. Let’s see why you can choose simple or more complex URLs by understanding their advantages and disadvantages.

Dynamic URL


  • More features: Websites with complex URLs can do more things. They are best for interactive and regularly updated content.
  • Easy to Manage: It is easy to change the content on these websites without much hassle.
  • User-friendly: These websites are generally easy for visitors to use and navigate.


  • More Expensive: These websites cost more to set up and run because they are more complex.
  • Can Hurt Your SEO: Complex URLs can make it difficult for search engines to find and rank your website.

Static URL


  • Cheaper to run: Websites with simple URLs are less expensive to build and maintain.
  • Better for SEO: Search engines like simple URLs, which can help your website show up better in search results.


  • Low content flexibility: A website with a simple URL usually provides only basic information and does not change frequently.
  • Technical skills required for updating: You may need to know a little bit about coding to update these websites.

This breakdown helps you see why changing from complex to simple URLs can be good, especially if you want to save money and do better in search engine results, but why you might lose some functionality and ease of updating.